What is the new Adopt Me egg called?

Mythic Egg update

As the name implies, the Mythic Egg update will be adding an all-new egg in the game. This egg will be adding pets such as the Wyvern, Goldhorn, and many more. The Mythic Egg will be replacing the Ocean Egg in Adopt M

What is the new Adopt Me egg 2020?

The Easter 2020 Egg was a free egg that was given during the Easter Event 2020 in Adopt Me!. This egg only hatches into a Chick. Just like the Starter Egg, this item is not tradeable and players could only get one of these per account.

What is the new egg coming to Adopt Me 2021?

The countdown has begun, and the Mythic Egg in Adopt Me will be released on August 19th, 2021 at 8am PT, 11am ET, and 4pm BST!

What is the current egg in Adopt Me?

There are currently three Standard Eggs: Cracked, Pet, and Royal Eggs . There's also a Starter Egg, but that can only have one of three pets in it and you can only get one when you start out in the game.

What pets are in the new mythic egg in Adopt Me?

The pets will be the Merhorse, Kirin, Phoenix, Wolpertinger, Hydra, Goldhorn, Sasquatch and the Wyvern . If you want to check out the pets in more detail check out our slider below, make sure to swipe to the end to see them all.

Is the Christmas update coming back to Adopt Me 2021?

Next Event

The Winter Holiday (2021) was an event in Adopt Me! that was released on December 1 , 2021. It lasted for 35 days, ending on January 6, 202

What is the next Adopt Me egg after Ocean egg?

It was replaced by the Mythic Egg on August 19, 2021. The Ocean Egg is no longer obtainable and can now only be obtained through trading.

What is the new pets in Adopt Me 2021?

The Ice Golem is the premium pet that will debut in the Adopt Me Winter Update. This pet seems to be some type of mythical cryptid with a long ice arm and an angular body. The appearance of the pet is very unique and sure to be a favorite for some player

What egg is the oldest in Adopt Me?

What was the very first egg in Adopt Me? The first egg of the game is the Blue Egg , and it was introduced to the game last summer. Although it is the first egg of the game, it can only be obtained through trading. During its time in the game, it was sold to 100 Bucks and included the uncommon class Blue Dog.

What is the secret egg in Adopt Me?

Eggburt is a large white-colored egg.

Is the farm egg coming back in Adopt Me 2020?

The Farm Egg is a limited legendary egg in Adopt Me!. It was released into the game on November 22, 2019, replacing the Jungle Egg, and was then replaced by the Aussie Egg on February 29, 2020 .