Carrot juice Carrot juice is a nutritious low-calorie drink, the record holder among nectars for the content of natural vitamin A (β-carotene). Along with this, the product is rich in potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron [1] [2]

It is assumed that the homeland of the vegetable is Central Asia. Interestingly, the seeds of the root crop were found back in the Mesolithic era. According to drawings on Egyptian tombs, scientists claim that carrots were used by healers for healing back in those days.

Currently, Italian researchers have come to the conclusion that the juice of an orange vegetable contains a unique substance called daucosterol, which stimulates the pleasure center in the brain, which ensures a woman's sexual freedom. In addition, it is an excellent aperitif stimulating the secretion of digestive juices [3]

  • Chemical composition
  • Beneficial features
  • Benefits for men
  • Benefits for babies
  • Application in traditional medicine
  • Application in cosmetology
  • Conclusion

Chemical composition

Carrot juice is a source of beta-carotene, second only in concentration to sweet peppers. When it enters the body, this substance under the influence of liver enzymes (in the presence of fat) turns into a full-fledged vitamin A.

With the regular use of a glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice, the nervous system is strengthened, the symptoms of stress decrease, and insomnia disappears.

The drink does not contain alcohol and cholesterol, it provides special value for women during pregnancy and lactation. It reduces the symptoms of toxicosis, improves bowel function, removes toxins and toxins, heals the entire digestive tract, eliminates heartburn, and strengthens bone tissue. The juice resists the development of anemia, energizes, gives strength, improves the condition of teeth, nails, hair. Thus, the drink "from the garden" is on guard for the health and beauty of a woman in such a difficult period, when the body's main reserves are aimed at retaining and developing the fetus in the womb.

Name Content in 100 g of drink, g
Water 84.87
Carbohydrates 9.28
Squirrels 0.95
Alimentary fiber 0.8
Ash 3.91
Fats 0.15
Name Concentration of nutrients in 100 g of raw product, mg
Beta carotene (A) 9.303
Ascorbic acid (C) 8.5
Niacin (B3) 0.386
Alpha-tocopherol (E) 1.16
Pantothenic acid (B5) 0.228
Pyridoxine (B6) 0.217
Riboflavin (B2) 0.055
Thiamine (B1) 0.092
Potassium 292
Phosphorus 42
Calcium 24
Magnesium 14
Sodium 66
Trace elements
Iron 0.46
Zinc 0.18
Copper 0.046

Considering that the calorie content of carrot juice does not exceed 56 calories, the drink is successfully used for weight loss. A diet based on this nectar helps both to start the process of burning fat, and to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and sagging skin (as evidenced by numerous reviews). However, to obtain the desired effect, it is important to give up sweets (replace the cake with a salad), and also consume at least 2 liters of water per day.

Beneficial features

 Carrot juice for immunity Natural carrot juice has the same beneficial properties as the root vegetable itself. It is interesting that the therapeutic effect of the drink was noticed by ancient healers (during the period of early European civilizations). They found that carrot juice helps with physical and emotional exhaustion, as well as relieves constipation, seizure and eye diseases. Later it was proved that the main medicinal substance in vegetables is carotene. This element has antioxidant, antiviral, immunomodulatory, hematopoietic, antitumor and diuretic effects on the body [5]

The benefits of carrot juice:

  • Increases local antiviral immunity, enhances intestinal motility, relieves worms.
  • Activates the function of the adrenal glands, removes excess fluid from the body.
  • Normalizes fat metabolism, lowers cholesterol levels.
  • Accelerates the healing of erosive wounds, eliminates seizures, regulates the production of the sebaceous glands, improves the functional state of the epithelial integument.
  • Restores tooth enamel, strengthens bone tissue.
  • Increases hemoglobin, enhances blood clotting, normalizes glucose concentration.
  • Improves metabolic processes in the retina, enhances visual acuity.
  • Reduces nervousness, increases cognitive functions of the brain, normalizes psycho-emotional status.
  • Increases the strength of the vascular wall, reduces capillary permeability for the penetration of foreign agents.
  • Normalizes the synthesis of sex hormones, increases potency.
  • The optimal daily intake of a freshly squeezed drink is 250-350 ml [6]

     Diabetes mellitus Carrot juice is indicated for:

    • myocardial infarction;
    • discirculatory encephalopathy;
    • diabetes mellitus (after consultation with an endocrinologist);
    • eye diseases (myopia, astigmatism, cataract);
    • increased acidity of the stomach;
    • decreased potency;
    • anemia;
    • lactation (to increase milk production);
    • hypothyroidism;
    • pregnancy;
    • hepatitis;
    • avitominose;
    • hypertension;
    • constipation;
    • obesity;
    • oncology.

    However, despite the apparent benefits, it is advisable to limit the intake of the drink in some cases.

    Carrot juice "banned" at:

    • gastritis, colitis;
    • ulcer;
    • kidney pathology (nephritis, pyelonephritis);
    • reflux;
    • increased acidity of the stomach;
    • pancreatitis;
    • heartburn.

    In addition, excessive consumption of root vegetable juice may cause allergies, drowsiness, weakness, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, yellowing of the skin [7]

    Benefits for men

     Libido in men Every man at least once in his life faced the problem of impotence. One-time erectile dysfunction is considered the norm, since no one is immune from age-related changes, stress and general ailments. However, if such disorders become a companion of a young person, it is important to take immediate action. A rational balanced diet plays a significant role in alternative therapy for impotence. One of the aphrodisiac products that restore erectile function is fresh carrot juice.

    Usefulness for men:

    • increases sperm motility;
    • stimulates sex drive;
    • improves sperm quality;
    • enhances erectile function;
    • increases the synthesis of male sex hormones (in particular testosterone);
    • reduces the risk of cancer in the tissues of the prostate gland.

    Along with this, carrot juice has antioxidant, antiviral and tonic effects on the male body [8]

    Benefits for babies

    Considering that by the first year of life, the baby's need for "building materials" increases threefold, breast milk nutrition becomes clearly insufficient. To meet the daily needs of the baby, homemade vegetable nectars are introduced into his diet (after the first feeding). The ideal drink for these purposes is freshly squeezed carrot juice (due to the minimum content of hard-to-digest fructose).

    What is the correct way to give a drink to an infant?

  • Only homemade juice without dyes and preservatives is suitable for baby food. However, the preparation of such nectar requires special diligence, since purchased vegetables are often not suitable for feeding crumbs (due to the high content of pesticides). It is advisable to prepare a children's drink from root crops grown in their own beds.
  • It is best to start complementary feeding during the summer or fall season, when there is a lot of fresh, chemically unprocessed vegetables. If the drink is introduced into the baby's diet in winter, preference should be given to high-quality commercial juices for children (taking into account the age gradation).
  • A baby is given carrot juice after the first feeding (no earlier than 6 months), when his enzyme system is ready to assimilate complex substances. The introduction of the drink should start with small portions (1 ml drip into food), gradually increasing its volume to 100 ml per day (at 12 months). If the baby is breastfed, it is better to give carrot juice after the next feeding [9]
  •  Infant Remember, pure concentrate causes irreparable harm to newborn babies (it burns the mucous membrane, sometimes it gets stronger). To avoid the appearance of health problems, children under one year old are given nectar only diluted with water in a 1: 1 ratio.

    From how many months the pediatrician decides to introduce complementary foods, taking into account the individual characteristics of the child (age, what kind of feeding, concomitant disorders).

  • At home, the juice is prepared by hand by rubbing the vegetable on a plastic grater and then squeezing the pulp through cheesecloth. A juicer or blender is not suitable for these purposes, since they leave cake in the nectar (which is difficult for a baby to swallow).
  • For children who have reached the age of three, it is permissible to introduce canned or freshly squeezed juice with pulp into the diet. Considering that beta-carotene is absorbed only in the presence of fat, fresh carrot should be consumed with a small portion of vegetable oil (sour cream or cream is also suitable). If, while taking the drink, the baby's skin turns yellow, the product should be removed from the daily menu (including the nursing mother).

    Application in traditional medicine

    For medicinal purposes, carrot juice is used as a tonic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent. The vegetable drink is especially useful for children who are lagging behind in mental and physical development.

    Carrot juice treatment:

  • Vitamin composition for cough. Mix carrot juice (250 ml) with milk (150 ml), honey (30 ml) and heavy cream (20 ml). With a dry "barking" cough, it is advisable to take 100 ml of the mixture at least 5 times a day. The minimum course of treatment is 7 days.
  • A remedy for the treatment of the common cold. Active ingredients: carrot juice (50 ml), olive oil (50 ml), garlic juice (10 ml). The components are combined immediately before use, and then 3 drops are poured into each nasal passage. The nose should be buried at least 4 times a day after preliminary cleaning of the sinuses with a salt solution. If needed, garlic juice can be replaced with onion nectar.
  •  Runny nose Before instilling a nose for babies, a little water is added to the composition (in order to avoid burning the delicate mucous membrane).

  • Potion for parasites. Combine 80 ml of carrot juice (you can grind it in a blender), 50 ml of fennel broth (15 g of seeds per 100 ml of boiling water) and 50 ml of wormwood infusion (20 g of dead wood per 100 ml of water). The solution should be taken three times a day, 10 minutes before meals. The duration of anthelmintic therapy is 7 days. After 10 days, the course of treatment is repeated. The use of this drug helps in the fight against both protozoal and bacterial flora.
  • A remedy for infertility. Dissolve 0.2 g of mummy (1 tablet) in 125 ml of freshly squeezed carrot juice. To stimulate reproductive function, it is important to drink the composition twice a day: in the morning (on an empty stomach) and in the evening 20 minutes before a meal (for both partners).
  • Carrot juice for constipation. To stimulate intestinal motility, 200 ml of the drink should be drunk in the morning before meals, and in the evening, eat 300 g of any vegetables. In addition, it is important to consume at least 2 liters of clean water throughout the day (preferably 700 ml before breakfast).
  • For babies, the ideal dosage of nectar (which weakens) is 15 ml twice a day.

  • Composition for reducing pressure. For hypertension, a mixture of carrot juice (200 ml), horseradish root (180 ml) and lemon (100 ml) will help. After mixing drinks, 200 ml of natural honey is poured into the concentrate, and then the composition is stirred with a wooden spatula.
  • In order to preserve vitamins and reduce blood pressure, the drug is prepared immediately before use (it cannot be left overnight).

    Dosing regimen: drink 15 ml of the composition three times a day (2 hours after a meal or 60 minutes before a meal).

  • Throat irrigation solution. Carrot juice is an excellent antiseptic, which includes a huge amount of antibacterial substances (phytoncides, organic acids, mineral salts). For rinsing the mouth, you can use fresh carrot, either in its pure form or with the addition of a few drops of geranium, tea tree, eucalyptus or garlic tincture essential oil.
  •  Sore throat The solution is indicated for the treatment of sore throat and relief of inflammatory processes in the oral cavity (especially for angina, gingivitis and tonsillitis). To eliminate childhood stomatitis, mom needs to wrap her finger with a sterile bandage, and then moisten it abundantly in carrot juice. After that, the finger is inserted into the baby's mouth, carefully processing the gums, throat and pharynx. It is better to do the procedure 3-4 times a day between feedings. A new bandage and a fresh serving of carrot juice should be used for each treatment. Storage of the composition for further use is prohibited, since the drink is quickly oxidized. This method of throat treatment is indicated for both a month-old baby (breastfed) and preschool children (3-5 years old) [10]

    Application in cosmetology

    Along with oral administration, carrot juice is used for cosmetic purposes to care for dry, fading and problematic dermis.

    Nutrient Recipes:

  • Drying emulsion for oily dermis. Ingredients: carrot juice (30 ml) and egg white (1 pc). The mask is applied to the skin for 15-20 minutes (after cleansing it). With regular use of the composition, the work of the sebaceous glands is normalized, the pores narrow and the intensity of the formation of comedones decreases.
  • Mask for problem skin. Ingredients: 30 g mashed potatoes, 25 ml carrot juice, 1 egg yolk.
  • Remember, to get the most out of the procedure, it is important to mix the ingredients after they have cooled completely. Duration of exposure of the mixture on the face - 15 minutes. The potato-carrot mask perfectly "heals" young youthful skin prone to the appearance of blackheads, comedones and acne.

  • A nourishing mask for dry, dehydrated skin. Combine carrot juice (30 ml), homemade cottage cheese (30 g) and heavy cream (20 ml). Apply the mixture to cleansed, moisturized skin, and after 10 minutes, rinse with warm water. This mask is used to eliminate peeling of the dermis and prevent the formation of new wrinkles.
  • A cleansing formula for any dermis. Mix oatmeal (30 g) with carrot nectar (15 ml), sour cream (15 ml), olive oil (3 ml), egg yolk (1 pc), add lemon juice (3 drops). Apply the mixture to the skin for 15 minutes, after the specified time, wash your face with warm water. The frequency of the procedures is 1-2 times a week.
  •  Improving complexion Cleansing the face with this composition will help normalize the hydrolipidic balance of the dermis, remove old sebaceous "plugs", and improve the complexion.

  • Anti-aging mask for mature skin. To restore skin elasticity, mix 40 ml of carrot juice and 5 g of starch. Apply the mixture to washed face for 10 minutes. After the procedure, moisturize the dermis with a nourishing cream.
  • Carrot mask with starch is an excellent anti age remedy for women of any age.

  • Multifunctional hair mask. The composition includes: carrot juice (100 ml) and burdock oil (30 ml). The composition is applied to the palms, and then evenly distributed over unwashed hair. The holding period of the mask on the head is 20 minutes. The tool is used to strengthen follicles, stimulate hair growth, and eliminate split ends.
  • Interestingly, to get a beautiful even tan before tanning or sunbathing, you need to drink a glass of carrot juice (preferably in the morning 20 minutes before the procedure). You can also make a homemade lotion to increase skin pigmentation. For this, carrot juice is mixed with olive oil (in equal proportions), the emulsion is poured into a spray bottle. The tanning agent is applied to the moist dermis, evenly distributing the composition over the body. Such a lotion is stored in the refrigerator.


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    Carrot juice is a nutritious low-calorie product, a leader among vegetable nectars in terms of vitamin A. Along with this, the drink supplies the body with a large amount of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and iron. Carrot juice is used in medicine to improve visual acuity, strengthen immunity, lower the level of bad cholesterol, eliminate nervousness, enhance erectile function, and restore epithelial tissues.

    The production of carrot juice on an industrial scale is a high-tech process, consisting of the following stages: acceptance, washing, sorting, cleaning, grinding, blanching, pressing (pressing) of raw materials, purification from pulp, concentration. Sterilization, aseptic packaging.

    To prevent functional disorders, it is enough to consume 250 ml of fresh vegetable juice per day (previously diluted with water). The maximum allowable dose for a daily intake is 2 liters.

    The greatest value for the human body is provided by freshly squeezed juice, which is easy to make with your own hands (using a blender, juicer or grater). It is advisable to drink a vitamin drink within 30 minutes after preparation (due to the rapid destruction of carotene). If there is a need to preserve raw materials, nectar is canned for the winter.

    In case of spills on the fabric, stains can be removed with Domestos or Vanish.

    Remember, freshly squeezed juices contain high concentrations of organic acids, therefore, in the process of using them, you should "listen" to your body. If jaundice of the skin, lethargy, drowsiness, headache or allergies occur against the background of drinking a carrot drink, it is better to refuse to use the product. In addition, ulcers, gastritis, heartburn, increased stomach acidity, pancreatitis, reflux are direct contraindications to nectar intake.

    Things to know (Q&A)

    What are the benefits of drinking carrot juice?

    8 Impressive Benefits of Carrot Juice

    • Highly nutritious. Carrot juice is low in calories and carbs while packing numerous nutrients. ...
    • Is it OK to drink carrot juice everyday?

      Although it is perfectly fine to drink carrot juice everyday , make sure to only consume ½ glass per day if drinking it every day. If you feel like having more, try making an Orange & Carrot Juice. Drinking large amounts of carrot juice every day can lead to carotenemia which causes your skin to turn slightly yellowis

      What are the disadvantages of carrot juice?

      Large amounts of carrot juice might cause the skin to yellow and the teeth to decay . Allergy to celery and related plants: Carrot may cause an allergic reaction in people who are allergic to birch, mugwort, spices, ivy, parsley, celery, and related plants.

      Does carrot juice clear skin?

      Carrot contains vitamin A that fights acne, wrinkles, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. In fact, the juice is rich in fibre that eases bowel movement and excretion , thereby cleaning your stomac