Production, composition and useful properties of butter. Use of the product in cooking and traditional medicine. Features of use and contraindications.

Tue Dec 28 2021



Nutritional characteristics and medicinal properties of oil. Distinctive features and collection rules. Harvesting and preparation. Growing mushrooms at home.

Tue Dec 28 2021


Carrot juice

Calorie content and useful properties of carrot juice. The benefits of the drink for men, children and babies. Application in medicine and cosmetology: recipes for nutritional formulations.

Tue Dec 28 2021



The benefits and harms of salmon. Chemical composition, selection and storage rules. Diets with salmon and contraindications. Use in cooking and cosmetology.

Tue Dec 28 2021


Brazilian nut

Medicinal properties and chemical composition of Brazil nuts. Benefits, harms and contraindications of bertolet fruit for men and women. Use in cooking and medicine.

Tue Dec 28 2021



Botanical description and chemical composition of okra. Useful properties and nutritional value. Rules for choosing and storing a plant. Application in medicine and cosmetology.

Tue Dec 28 2021



The effect of mung beans on the body. Useful properties and harm. Chemical composition and calorie content of mung bean. Cooking methods and recipes. Properties of mung bean sprouts.

Tue Dec 28 2021



Olives versus black olives: what's the difference. Benefits, chemical composition and calorie content of berries. Medicinal properties and contraindications. How to choose, store and use.

Tue Dec 28 2021


Cream of lard for sandwiches

Are there any lard lovers here?) Here is a great recipe for a quick and savory snack that is swept off the table in minutes. Cook more - the cream can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days!

Wed Sep 08 2021


Cherry and sour cream pie

Pies cooked with sour cream are always amazingly tender and airy. Today's cherry and sour cream pie is no exception: it turns out to be very moist and literally melts in your mouth. Cherry is the perf...

Sat Sep 11 2021


Pasta with chanterelles and chicken in a creamy sauce

Simple, quick and very home-like - all this, of course, is about dishes with pasta. For the fullness of the taste, you just need to prepare some kind of sauce for them. Today we are preparing pasta wi...

Sun Sep 05 2021