Food Cow or soy:
Should an adult drink milk?

Is it true that plant-based milk substitutes are healthier than cow or goat milk?

Mon Jan 31 2022


Panna cotta with cherry

Panna cotta is a famous and popular dessert originally from Italy, but it is loved all over the world. And there is a reason.

Sat Sep 11 2021

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Easter cake with dried apricots

A very spectacular and delicious Easter wreath cake with dried apricots will surprise guests and decorate the festive table. The dough is airy, and the filling is sweet and sour. You can decorate such...

Tue Sep 07 2021


Vinaigrette classic recipe

Vinaigrette is a popular salad in Russia made from boiled beets, potatoes and carrots. A classic vinaigrette recipe from a professional chef.

Wed Feb 02 2022