Food Cow or soy:
Should an adult drink milk?

Is it true that plant-based milk substitutes are healthier than cow or goat milk?

Mon Jan 31 2022


Gingerbread cookies with cocoa for the New Year holidays

These cookies are great to cook with children. Let this be one of the very first New Year's activities for you.

Sat Dec 18 2021


Soaked apples - a traditional dish for the New Year's table

Pickled apples are real Russian food. And if earlier apples were soaked to preserve them for a long winter, now, having tasted them, for the sake of a unique taste and texture. Of course, the preparat...

Sat Dec 18 2021

Recipes,Main course

20 quick and delicious cauliflower recipes

Today we want to share with you the best recipes for cauliflower dishes. We figured out how to cook, fry and bake it correctly, what to combine with, and what else you can cook with it!

Sat Dec 04 2021


Cognac snacks: What to serve a drink with

Cognac is a drink that many people love, but not everyone knows how to drink correctly. Find out more about the rules for combining it with different dishes.

Sun Aug 01 2021